Ever read some sh*t online and thought:
“OMG, who
wrote this?!”

2 girls 1 podcast

In each episode of 2 Girls 1 Podcast, my co-host Jen and I talk about something we found down an internet wormhole. Then, we interview the person who wrote it. It's like Humans of New York except way weirder and dirtier and really not at all like Humans of New York.
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not boring workouts

Working out is terrible! A trainer yells at you while you sit/stand/squat there counting reps. Let me yell at you instead! And I'll entertain you while you do it. Episodes include:
  • How Not To Be A Karen While Getting Michelle Obama's Arms
  • Flat Earth? flat abs!
  • Elect to Move That Body the Way Women Got the Right to Elect Our Representatives!
I have no qualifications whatsoever to be training you. Enjoy!
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my audio-only alter egos

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